anatomy chats

Anatomy Chats is the passion project of yoga teacher and LMT Tami Apland. Essentially a “greatest hits” album of human anatomy, the series starts with the fascial system and throughout the year makes its way from the cranial bones down to the metatarsals and beyond. We’ll cover all the basics: muscles, bones, joints, structure and general function of each part of the body, as well as break down and refine commonly overlooked, but essential, yoga poses. Each two-hour workshop includes a thorough and comprehensive lecture with a small amount of practice. Bring a notebook and pencil if you’d like to take notes. Questions are welcome and encouraged. 


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January 5 | Fascia

Fascial Anatomy 101. Learn what fascia is, where it is, what It does and how it does it and why in this engaging and highly informative lecture/discussion. As the inaugural Anatomy Chat, it lays the solid foundation on which the rest of the chats build. 

February 16 | Head + Neck + Hands

This lecture takes a unique look at the muscles, bones and other structures of the head, neck and hands, how they’re all connected and why it’s applicable to the practice of yoga. In addition to the anatomy, we’ll talk about headaches, carpal tunnel syndrome and TMJD as well as break down downward facing dog.

APRIL 28 | Shoulder + Arm

After an in-depth look at the shoulder girdle as a whole, we’ll learn how to properly stabilize the shoulder for weight bearing poses from table top to chaturanga. 

June 7 | Abdominals + Breathing

A fascinating and useful explanation of what’s happening with every inhale and exhale we take. This workshop will end with guided pranayama and a short yoga nidra. 

July 20 | Spine + Lower Back

In addition to breaking down the anatomy of a vertebrae and a disc, we’ll talk about the role fascia plays in lower back pain and some simple and effective ways to help reduce it. We’ll end with a short practice to lengthen the spine and ease lower back tension. 

September 6 | Hip + Thigh

All about the adductors, glutes, quads, hamstrings and other structures of the hip, including a short practice to lengthen and strengthen each part. 

October 12 | Knee

All about the knee: muscles, bones and other structures. We’ll talk about the anatomy and how to keep the knees healthy and happy in a yoga practice. A break down of what’s happening with the knee in pigeon pose and how to find safety and ease there is included. 

November 16 | Lower Leg + Foot

Anatomy Chats wraps up with a detailed look at the muscles, bones and other structures of the lower leg and foot, and how we can tie everything we’ve talked about so far into building a sturdy and properly aligned tadasana pose from the soles of the feet up to the crown of the head.