massage packages


makING “taking care of you time” more accessible.

Like many of you, I have personally experienced the many benefits that regular massage has to offer – it’s one of the reasons I became a massage therapist! If you sit for long periods of time, experience stress, or workout frequently, massage therapy as an ongoing treatment allows us to address issues in your body before they become problems.

That’s why I’m excited to introduce my new massage packages designed to make sure you get the continuous care you need. Ideally, these are meant to be used every 6-7 weeks, or more frequently if you’d like. I have worked to keep the cost per session low because I see so much value in consistent bodywork and I want to encourage my clients to have that experience. You can use these 60-minute or 90-minute sessions within 12 months of purchase - my hope is that you’ll take advantage of them and use them throughout the year.

– Tami



$30 off any massage package

60-minute sessions

3 pack | $230
5 pack | $365
8 pack |

90-minute Sessions

3 pack | $325
5 pack | $515
8 pack |