My classes are designed to flip the switch on the nervous system and melt/release/rehydrate sticky connective tissue and ease tension in the mind. I turn the lights way down or off and guide my students through pranayama, meditation, myofascial release techniques and yin/restorative yoga poses, all while encouraging each individual to have their own unique experience. I tend to be a fairly quiet teacher, offering pertinent and relevant information and watching over my students intently without adding too many unnecessary words or thoughts to chew on.  I believe that the purpose of yoga is to connect to our deepest self. I believe the purpose of yoga is to check in and not check out. In my classes I offer a quiet and safe space to do that.

I also love music and I select the music I play in my classes very carefully. Check out my playlists on Spotify here.

Gentle Yoga | 10am | Yoga Pearl

Yin | 4:00pm | Yoga Pearl

Yin | 4:00pm | Yoga Pearl

Yin | 4:30pm | Yoga Pearl